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What to find at

What to find at

Looking for some real deal articles such as weed, or looking for a way to microdose with some mushrooms? You should check out The web shop specializes in different kinds of shops, such as a headshop, a smartshop, a shop for mushrooms, a shop for CBD and even a vaporizer shop! The web shop is all in one and thereby very focused on highly qualitative products; they test all their products individually before selling them. Interested in the different shops at 24High? We’ll talk you through the specializations of 24high in theblog below!



When looking for psychoactive substances, you should definitely take a look at the smartshop of 24High. Herbs that might get you hallucinating, herbs that heal, trip stoppers but also stoppers that help you recover or even detox; the smartshop of 24High offers it all!



When in need of some accessories that optimize your drug use, you might like to visit the headshop of 24High! Within this headshop, you’ll find lots of necessities. You can think about grinders, storage boxes and party goods. A smart- and headshop goes hand-in-hand, that is why they often are combined within one (online) store.


Mushroom shop

Mushrooms are mind-altering and hallucinogenic substances. Although the sale of harvested paddo’s is not allowed in The Netherlands, the use of truffle’s won’t get you in trouble and is allowed. When looking for mushrooms, at 24High you’ll find mushroom-grow-kits but also fresh magic truffles.


Cannabidiol shop

Cannabidiol, abbreviated as CBD, is a substance derived from the tops and seeds of a hemp plant. To create oil of CBD, the CBD is combined and mixed with natural oil. CBD has a lot of beneficial characteristics; it reduces stress and will get you relaxed, it avoids irritations on your skin, and it turns out to be anti-inflammatory!


Vaporizer shop

When using a vaporizer, you are doing a good job in your ‘’becoming-high-journey’’ since vaporizing is seen as the healthy way of getting high. Within a vaper, the THC will be burnt and vaporized; therefore, you won’t inhale the unhealthy plant-materials. Thereby, it gives another advantage; when using a vaper, you don’t need tobacco to roll a blunt.