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Warehouse communication can be safe and effective

The harsh lockdown, which will certainly last until January 19, has further tightened RIVM measures. The 1.5 meter society is thus a stayer for the time being. Manufacturing and logistics companies must design work processes to be safe and hygienic for personnel, in accordance with the 1.5 meter distance rule. This makes communicating and collaborating in these ‘noisy’ environments extra challenging. The use of wireless and ‘hands free’ duplex warehouse communication systems, such as AXIWI, then offers a solution.

In March 2020, when the Corona virus first emerged, the communication systems were used by several manufacturing and logistics companies primarily for interpersonal communication. The headsets have since also been used in staff training programs and for coronaproof communication with guests and visitors.

Efficient group communication in production environment
The wireless communication systems are used to communicate easily and quickly with each other. This can involve, for example, communication between different colleagues, with different tasks or disciplines, or between different departments. This enables efficient working while safeguarding the quality of the work processes.

Safe training and instruction of personnel
The communication systems are also used for training personnel in production environments. Before the corona crisis, a trainer and trainee could be close to each other. By using the AXIWI communication system, the trainer can instruct the trainee hands-free through a headset, respecting the distance measure of 1.5 meters. The colleagues can also each work at a different location after the training has been given and still ‘check in’ with each other regularly to hear if everything is going well.

Factory tour: Continue to welcome visitors hospitably and safely
Production halls and factories also receive various guests in the Corona era, such as: business contacts, suppliers, quality officers, mechanics and many more. Having a good and clear conversation with them, at least 1.5 meters away, remains a challenge in a noisy environment. Companies are increasingly using wireless headsets to welcome visitors safely.

Relaxed working even after Corona
Working with a wireless communication system ensures that colleagues can communicate in a relaxed and hands-free manner, from a distance. The quality of the headsets and good hearing protection also ensure a safer workplace. The companies find that working with duplex communication systems is liked in the workplace. The colleagues do not have to raise their voices continuously. You can also check with each other remotely how things are going, without having to leave your workplace immediately.

The duplex communication system can be used for communication during tours, conferences, meetings, sports, simultaneous translation, in production environments and emergencies. In sports, the communication system is used by referees for mutual communication and for coaching referees and athletes. Read on the website of Axitour about how wireless headsets for factories and logistics contribute to safe (coronaproof) communication and cooperation in the workplace.