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Traffic management: We are in the future!

Albert Einstein is very well known for determining that time is relative. The rate at which time passes all depends on our own frame of reference. We as humans can’t help but see time as linear. There is the past, that has already happened, the present which is what’s happening now, and the future which is yet to come. Many of us think a lot about the future, what will change, and how things will be. Back in the 80s, people thought we’d have flying cars by now. In the 90s people thought the year 2000 will bring the end of times. Yet here we are, no flying cars and we are still living. 

However, in our present, we have so many things available to us that no one would have dreamed of in the past. One of those areas that have seen major advancements is traffic management. The technological advancements in traffic management have made things not only safer but also easier, which is what technological advancements are all about. Here are two advancements in traffic management that have proven to be invaluable to us in the present.

Long range radio frequency identification

This traffic management technology system is known as long range RFID. This system is able to track as well as identify an object automatically using electromagnetic waves. The long range RFID is mainly used to control vehicle access in private properties or restricted areas. Using this system will take the security to a whole other level of secure. This system has three main components to make it work. Those are the RFID reader, the RFID antenna, and the RFID tag. When the tag is added to a vehicle that is allowed access in the area and it gets close enough to the reader that is connected to the antenna, access will be granted automatically. No more waiting to be let in and whoever doesn’t have the reader will have to be checked out before getting let in.

Automatic Number Plate Recognition

This technology is known as ANPR for short, but the name is pretty self-explanatory to what it does, it scans the number plates of vehicles automatically. This system has been very useful for law enforcement to store number plate information automatically in their databases by simply using a camera on their own vehicles. The camera scans the number plates as the cars pass by and sends the information to a central database in case it needs to be used at a later time. The data can be used to locate missing or stolen vehicles and even help solve crimes that more often than not involve vehicles. 

The future is now

The present and the future are very close together, a lot more than we think. Change is happening at all times and maybe in a couple of years, even more advancements will be made in traffic management. To learn more about the long range RFID and ANPR check out