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Product market fit


To obtain PMF, you need to make a business hypothesis, create a minimum viable product (MVP), and test the two against each other. To make your business hypothesis, ask yourself: Who will use my product? What’s the problem with them? How can my product help solve their problems? Next, create an MVP. This is your product in its simplest form. You can use it to help you test and prove your hypothesis to ensure that you solve people’s problems (and attract a lot of interest). To test your MVP, ask: Do people care about my product? Do they use it often? See if you can track how they use it so you will know what you are doing right. If your MVP does not support your hypothesis, you may need to adjust—that is, the correct route to test a new hypothesis or strategy. This is actually quite common, so don’t worry.

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If you have bought a used car in the Antwerp region, make sure that you receive a clear purchase agreement with details of the car, details of both parties and any agreements about warranty and delivery times. You can use our Model Purchase Agreement for this.

You must also put the car in your own name. Almost all car companies and post offices can do this. Nowadays, however, private individuals can also register a car in your name online.


New owner, what then?


If you buy a used car in your name, you are obliged from that moment on to provide a valid MOT and to insure the car. Civil Liability Insurance (WA) is mandatory, but depending on the value and age of the car, you can additionally insure it against damage and theft.


Of course there is much more to owning and using a car. For example, have you considered roadside assistance? Do you know the cheapest place to fill up and park? Our application is very useful in these situations.


For many people, a car – second only to a house – is one of the biggest purchases. This does not only apply to new cars. A used car is often a significant investment. However, you can get a factory warranty with new cars. Sometimes this warranty continues if the car is later offered as a second-hand car. If this is no longer the case, what are your options? After all, a used car warranty can yield a lot.

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