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Is Hot Desking For You?

Hot desking is a term used when multiple employees are to use the same workstation during different time periods. It’s a method used when there’s a large number of staff working different shifts and days, therefore no further desks or computers are required. The aim is to maximise the space and plan working schedules accordingly.

What are the advantages of Hot Desking?

  • From an employer point of view it’s an effective way to save space and lowers the cost of more desking and computers.
  • Desk spaces become tidier as each user will have to tidy and disinfect the workspace ready for the next person. Taking away the temptation to leave rubbish and used mugs there until the following day.
  • Hot desking encourages members to integrate with different team members. By not sitting in the same seat everyday, there’s a chance to meet new people and build new relationships.
  • A new location and surround each day could be what you need to boost moral and performance.
  • The hot desking arrangement can suit mobile and remote workings allowing them to come and go as they please, knowing they have a desk available.

What are the disadvantages of Hot Desking?

  • The luxury of personal space will be lost. It’s not possible to keep note books out, pictures on the desk or leave personal items in the drawers. It quite simply is a desk for the day.
  • Some individuals may have certain requirements which can’t be fulfilled with a standard desk set up. For example; desk height adjustments, alternate mouse and keyboard. From a health and safety point of view this can be difficult.
  • There is danger of losing the sense of hierarchy, when sat amongst your team and not being in a designated seat. It can also become harder to be found in the office for meetings and helping others.
  • The point of hot desking is to sit in a different seat, so if you’re looking for a collaborative working zone, the hot desking set up isn’t suitable.