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3 types of enemas

3 types of enemas

There are 3 types of enemas that you can get prescribed. An Enema shower is only prescribed from a doctor. The cleansing enema is usually prescribed if you suffer from constipation or intestinal complaints. You spray it gently and within minutes it starts to work. Make sure you are always near a toilet, because this can go quickly. At the pharmacy you are usually taken aside for a short explanation. But you will also receive instructions that you can read at home. Make sure you do this once before you start. You can also be prescribed a retention enema. These are usually made on a water or oil basis and have a longer reaction time. Finally, we have the Barium enema. This is prescribed for research purposes only. You usually get this from a specialist from the hospital to be able to take a good picture of your organs.

What can you use an enema for?

A Cleansing enema is something you can use for different purposes. In most cases you will be prescribed this to completely empty the intestinal contents. This could be because you have difficulty passing stools, but it could also be related to gut health. In addition, there are also enemas that you can use for an examination. If it is used for examinations, you usually do not need to apply it at home. In most cases, this will be applied in the hospital by a nurse or you can do it yourself. This is because you should use it as close to the examination as possible.

When do you use an enema?

An enema is only used when prescribed by a doctor or specialist. This is because it is often a powerful medicine that requires the necessary explanation. You have to be able to put it in really well to achieve the effect. This is not as easy as it seems, which is why you usually get an explanation from the doctor or pharmacist.